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Weapon Hacked


999999 money - you can buy all the upgrades/weapons you want.
Arcane Weapon Hacked

Arcane Weapon

Upgrading stats gives cash.Fight your way through monsters unleashed from hell !
Choose You Weapon 2 Hacked

Choose You Weapon 2

All guns at start, Weapons have more ammo
Choose your weapon 4 Hacked

Choose your weapon 4

Infinite Health and All Ammo. Do not pick up health. Just choose your weapon and blast the virus away!
Choose Your Weapon Hacked

Choose Your Weapon

All weapons at start, More ammo for weapons
Mobile Weapon Episode 1 Hacked

Mobile Weapon Episode 1

Credits, HP, Stats, Exp., EP Reload Time (click on wait to attack with other character).
Hambo Hacked


All levels unlocked, every weapon available for every level with infinite ammo. You are pig rambo . Armed with a variety
Ninja Quest Hacked

Ninja Quest

Lives, start out with the best weapon, infinite ammo for special weapons, double points scored per kill
Defend Your Nuts 2 Hacked

Defend Your Nuts 2

Buying adds cash. Protect your stock pile of acorns and nuts. You have been saving up for the winter and now these crazy
Devils Leap Hacked

Devils Leap

Levels unlocked.Physics puzzle. It is your goal to destroy the angels in each level using yourself as a weapon.
The Aquatory Hacked

The Aquatory

All levels unlocked. Stop enemy submarine units who try to get through the Aquatory! Shoot them with your super weapon!
Highway Pursuit Hacked

Highway Pursuit

Lots of health, all weapons unlocked and owned, lots of grenades and weapon ammo
Last Battle Hacked

Last Battle

Enough money to unlock everything. Your are the only soldier that stands in the way of the enemy and your base. Camp out
EB2 Hacked


Health hack - Unlock all levels by typing these letters in Caps as shown here: HUB for the password. EB2 was designed t
SWAT Tank Hacked


All levels unlocked. The wave of terrorism flows over the world. The military experts have invented new type of weapon &
Rage 3 Hacked

Rage 3

x9999 Ammo to all weapons, Weapon 11 unlocked (the best one), LvL 999, High Jump, Less Gravity, Insane Damage, Coin Hack
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