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Cargo Bridge Hacked

Cargo Bridge

No money needed to build. Your Money will go into the negative value. So basically infinite money.
Cargo Breach Hacked

Cargo Breach

Monsters do not kill you. Good news: the aliens are harmless if you leave them alone. But your job is to clean out this
Build the Bridge Hacked

Build the Bridge

All levels and trains unlocked. Build the bridge over the ravine and make sure the train travels over it safely.
Bridge Craft Hacked

Bridge Craft

Building materials are free. Make a bridge so the character can ge to the other side safely.
Cargo Bridge Armor Edition Hacked

Cargo Bridge Armor Edition

Infinite Build - No Cash Needed
Gloomy Truck 2 Hacked

Gloomy Truck 2

You start with 9999 cash. Buying stuff adds cash.Deliver demanded cargo, save yourself and your truck from the storm, an
Truck Loader 3 Hacked

Truck Loader 3

Levels unlocked.Use the yellow fork lift to get the cargo in the truck. Watch out for ramps, explosives and more.
Car Ferry Hacked

Car Ferry

All levels unlocked. Drop objects to make a bridge that will allow the car to reach the ferry. Collect stars by touching
Coal Express 2 Hacked

Coal Express 2

One Cargo needed to complete each level, infinite acceleration and 30 Extra seconds for every level. Conduct your train
Caravaneer Hacked


money, spare points, cargo space, inf hp. click on the hacks button on the top left of the game to access and activa
Hell Driver Hacked

Hell Driver

Goal set to 1 for all levels.See if you can drive your way out of a the devils playground! Be careful and take care of y
Tractor Mania Hacked

Tractor Mania

Use the Unlock Everything button during the level selection screen -- Drive your tractor through the dangerous levels an
Motherload Hacked


Lots of money, Unlimited fuel, Unlimited health, Unlimited Cargo space, Start with best upgrades, Drill Speed doubled, E
Coal Express 3 Hacked

Coal Express 3

Cash hack , infinite boost , only 1 cargo needed to complete a level , all levels and trains unlocked. Coal Express is
Mining Truck Hacked

Mining Truck

All levels unlocked, 99999 time for each level, and only 1 cargo needed to finish a level.
Jelly Wheels 2 Hacked

Jelly Wheels 2

Upgrades are free.Drive the jelly wheeled truck and try to collect a lot of vegetables. Drive carefully and secure your
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