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The sequel of the award winning game is ready, champion of chaos is a proven formula, with millions and millions of game plays, translated to 12 languages, badges, a lot of youtube video guides and a community looking forward to the sequel! The game has 10 characters to play with each, with 2 different endings depending on the moral decision of the player during the gameplay, plus 4 major endings regarding the story of the game universe, depending on the fight the player has chosen to fight. This makes a total of 18 different endings. Plus the player can try over 45 different party's combinations to play through the game, and 3 different difficulty levels. The player can customize the characters appearance, name, chose between different classes to make two character parties. Also each character has different sets of items during the game, all with unique stats and visual appearance. The player also will be able to customize the cheerleaders of his battle team in appearance, name and upgrade them to give better bonus. Also, the player will be able to customize their battle llamas in name and, appearance and upgrades.

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Champions of Chaos Hacked

Champions of Chaos

Press 1 for +1000 gold. Choose 2 champions and start the adventure! Battle in the arena to climb the ranks, purchase upg
Camera Chaos Hacked

Camera Chaos

All levels unlocked.Help Jimmy to cope with cameras and to leave the strange world in this platformer game
The Champions 4 World Domination Hacked

The Champions 4 World Domination

Upgrades are free.The World Soccer Championship has begun, and your team is taking part at it. Your task is to manage th
League of Chaos Hacked

League of Chaos

Building and buying soldiers gives money.Shoot, destroy, and conquer the enemies to stop the war.
Fish Race Champions Hacked

Fish Race Champions

Unlimited Money and Energy. Join the fish racing competition, do various training and win the races!
Chaos Faction 2 Hacked

Chaos Faction 2

Press 1 to get 9999 lives
Chaos of Mana Hacked

Chaos of Mana

Level 90 hack, character, points and money hacked.
Cut the monster 2 Hacked

Cut the monster 2

All levels open. Destroy all monsters! Use the environment to your advantage.
Aero Chaos Hacked

Aero Chaos

Unlimited Lives. Defend the world from the clutches of chaos by destroying all the enemy planes and there bosses.
Fish And Destroy 2 Hacked

Fish And Destroy 2

Stuff is cheap in shop. Try to avoid the attacks off the little piranhas who will try to catch you.
Feed Me Moar 2 Hacked

Feed Me Moar 2

Levels available. Feed the monsters enough purple liquid by activating mechanisms and burning objects.
Spell Storm Hacked

Spell Storm

Free skills.Tasked by your masters to defeat the evil chaos reaper - you now stand before his dark fortress
Stick War2 : Order Empire Hacked

Stick War2 : Order Empire

Buying adds cash/mana.The nation called Order has brought nothing but chaos to our people! Their day of wrath appraoches
Frantic 3 Hacked

Frantic 3

Weapons and upgrades are free. Time for even more Frantic bullet dodging, ship destroying chaos! Select your ship and bl
Dragon Princess Hacked

Dragon Princess

Upgrades are free.Gather your champions and fight monsters through the Dark Lords dungeon to retrieve the stolen talisma
Roadkill Revenge Hacked

Roadkill Revenge

All levels and bonus levels unlocked.These roadkill prone animals have had enough of us damn humans. Blow up cars, train
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