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Hacked Games offers many fancy pants adventures 3 hacks cheats and prehacks! The games are always hacked with the best cheats. Check out our full collections of prehacks!

Big Truck Adventures 3 Hacked

Big Truck Adventures 3

Lives, Nitro and Time
Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 Hacked

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

Health, lives, squiggles and unlocked some levels
Big Truck Adventures 2 Hacked

Big Truck Adventures 2

Time, boost, lives . Delivery is an adventure when speed is the need!
Balloner New Adventures Hacked

Balloner New Adventures

All levels unlocked. You need to help the purple baloons get a freedom in the sky and pop the red ones. Have fun.
Mario Adventures Hacked

Mario Adventures

Infinite Time.Awesome graphic mario game in flash
Nom Nom Adventures Hacked

Nom Nom Adventures

Invincibility. Nom Nom Adventures features more than 30 levels, bosses and lots of power-ups.
Fancy Wizard Hacked

Fancy Wizard

All levels unlocked. Help the wizard reach the exit door in each level by creating and controlling dummies which mimic y
Fancy Pants Adventure Hacked

Fancy Pants Adventure

Infinite health and lots of lives
The Crazy Adventures of Bobby Bob Hacked

The Crazy Adventures of Bobby Bob

Invincibility. Beat up the other stickmen as you go through the rooms of the house.
Adventures of Fish Gobbi Hacked

Adventures of Fish Gobbi

All upgrades are free. You are playing Gobbi the fish. He encounters a great white shark who teaches him how to survive
Big Truck Adventures: Canyon Run Hacked

Big Truck Adventures: Canyon Run

Unlimited turbo and lives. The point of the game is to finish the levels while getting big air and doing flips to increa
Georganism Hacked


All levels unlocked. Interesting story about the adventures of fun things on the mysterious island. Help three colorful
Kleine Castle Hacked

Kleine Castle

You have infinite bombs. This is a story of two lucky rascals, Eine - a girl and Kleine - a boy by name, who set off for
The dead pirates chest Hacked

The dead pirates chest

Upgrading gives cash.Pirates love the sea, rum and adventures. But most of all pirates love treasures, especially the le
Magi : The fallen world Hacked

Magi : The fallen world

Casting spells costs no mana , using stat points gives you more (you still need to earn at least 1 stat point before you
Super Mario Sky Hacked

Super Mario Sky

Infinite lives.Help Mario collect the coins and kill the goombas in this fun Mario game. Play The Adventures of Super Ma
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