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Monster Island Hacked

Monster Island

All levels unlocked.Throw the mini exploding monsters at the other monsters and blow them up.
Snoring 3 Treasure Island Hacked

Snoring 3 Treasure Island

All levels open.These critters are on a quest for pirate booty. Help them keep their captain awake long enough to find i
Feed Us Lost Island Hacked

Feed Us Lost Island

Lots of blood.The piranha is back and hungrier than ever! Eat more victims, customize your fish and complete several obj
Empire Island Hacked

Empire Island

Money. Build and defend your Empire Island through the ages. Build up your population to raise taxes , and defend it in
Elliv Island Hacked

Elliv Island

More Money and Health - All stats at 999 at the start - More points to distribute. For 100 days on an Elliv Island,you h
The Island Hacked

The Island

Health and Ammo Hack
Sky Island Hacked

Sky Island

Infinite Lives.Sky Island is on cute platform jump and run game with a fancy 3d twist: Use WASD to move the sprite, mous
Island Survival Hacked

Island Survival

All Levels Unlocked. You are stuck on an island that is shrinking and you must survive.
FWG Island Hacked

FWG Island

999999 nature points
Keeper Of The Grove Hacked

Keeper Of The Grove

Buying adds cash. Greedy creatures are on the way to rob the magic grove and you need to stop them. Grow unique nature d
Georganism Hacked


All levels unlocked. Interesting story about the adventures of fun things on the mysterious island. Help three colorful
Shore Siege 2 Hacked

Shore Siege 2

Buying stuff adds gold.Yarrrrr mateys. Defend ye Ship from them scurvy monsters! How many days will it take ye to get of
Effing Worms 2 Hacked

Effing Worms 2

Infinite life. Eat people, get bigger, and evolve! After a 2 year hibernation, your worm shrunk back down but it still h
Feed Us 3 Hacked

Feed Us 3

Lots of blood (cash). Attack and eat fish, humans, boats and other stuff to grow your pirahna as big as you can.
Flower Rush Hacked

Flower Rush

All levels available. Help the bee drop a seed into a flower pot through a row a blocks and grow a beatiful flower. Good
Axon Hacked


Range fades slower. You have to grow a neuron as long as possible by clicking reachable protein targets with your mouse.
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