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Lava Climber Hacked

Lava Climber

Spikes and lava do not kill you (rising lava still does). Navigate your pixel hero on his dangerous mission to rescue hi
Mole Vs. Lava Hacked

Mole Vs. Lava

Lots of money. Your goal in this fun game is to jump as high as you can while unlocking power-ups and special platforms.
Reverse Boots Hacked

Reverse Boots

You won't die (unless you touch lava) . You have magic boots which you can use to flip the machines in the room.
Sky Garden Hacked

Sky Garden

Infinite shovels (in the levels where shovels are required) . You have a grid like map with trees, water, ice, baby tree
Cave Escaper Hacked

Cave Escaper

All levels unlocked.Make your way through puzzle-oriented levels by blowing up boulders and swinging across lava pits.
Rolling Hero Hacked

Rolling Hero

All Levels Unlocked. Evil Demon has chased and captured your girlfriend. Go trough forest, ice, sand and lava to get her
Broken Robot Love Hacked

Broken Robot Love

All the levels open.One brave robot is determined to return to his ungrateful human owner. Scale lava pits, leap across
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