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Super House Of Dead Ninjas Hacked

Super House Of Dead Ninjas

Upgrades unlocked. You fight your way through an enemy filled tower. Clean the floors from enemies in a speedy manner an
Ninjas vs Mafia Deluxe Hacked

Ninjas vs Mafia Deluxe

Main Character Health - Infinite Stat Points. Special ready every other turn.The Crazy 44 ninja clan is taking over Pop
Chuck Norris in Attack of the massacre ninjas Hacked

Chuck Norris in Attack of the massacre ninjas

Infinite Health. Guns dont kill people! Chuck Norris Kills People!!!
O-shaped Ninjas Hacked

O-shaped Ninjas

Infinite cuts.Avenge your ninja clan by literally slashing thru enemies.
Ninjas Never Die Hacked

Ninjas Never Die

All levels open.Your goal in Ninjas Never Die is to get all the golden coins and escape the labyrinth as quickly as you
House of dead Ninjas Hacked

House of dead Ninjas

Shurikens and bombs increase instead of decreasing. Unlimited Lives. Become a ninja descending a deadly tower in this ol
Ninja Painter 2 Hacked

Ninja Painter 2

Reset the game to unlock all levels. Ninjas have never been…painting! Prepare for a fast-paced colourful adventur
Little Ninja Hacked

Little Ninja

All levels unlocked.Get these pesky little ninjas using your weapons and abilities!
Ninja Mafia War Hacked

Ninja Mafia War

Buying troops gives cash. The ninja town become unsafe again because of a mafia organization. Help the Ninjas to fight a
Ben 10 Ninja Spirit Hacked

Ben 10 Ninja Spirit

Unlimited Health and Lives. Show your ninja spirit ! Fight evil ninjas in this ancient adventure !
Ninja Cannon Retaliation Hacked

Ninja Cannon Retaliation

Levels open.Eliminate bad ninjas by hurling good ones to them using a cannon. There are various ninja cannons available.
Burger Defense Hacked

Burger Defense

Money - Burgers - Potatoes - Upgrades take no time to complete. Protect the burger joint from hobos, zombies, ninjas and
Ninja Cat - Endurance Challenge Hacked

Ninja Cat - Endurance Challenge

Infinite health. Ninja Cat is a funny ninja-style platform game. Aim of the game is to kill enemy Ninjas while you explo
Ninja Cannon Hacked

Ninja Cannon

All levels unlocked.Ninja Cannon is a physics puzzle game featuring a variety of ninjas and some enemies to attack, with
Shinobi-kun Hacked


Time, lives, ammo. Play as a ninja in training and kill all the red ninjas.
Bloody Blades Hacked

Bloody Blades

Unlimited health and speed boost. Your objective is to kill as many ninjas you can before they kill you!
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