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Shield Defense Hacked

Shield Defense

Base health and energy,money,bonus points
Surrounded Hacked


Health, Shield, Everything costs 0, Armor
Ultimate Robotoru Hacked

Ultimate Robotoru

You are invincible. Take the role of a flying robot and fight your way through robotic hordes with your space rifle and
Azul Baronis Hacked

Azul Baronis

Infinity Shield
Exodus Hacked


Unlimited shield - A lot of energy points after level up. Tactical Shooting Action : defend your battle ship using auto
Fatal Hunt Hacked

Fatal Hunt

Health (blood volume), shield, lots of cash, all weapons have x3 more damage, shoot more faster and increased clip size
Battle Mechs Hacked

Battle Mechs

Hack shortcuts (number keys) - 1-Health, 2-money, 3-experience, 4-skill points, 5-shield activation (hacks ARE working P
Enigmata 2 Hacked

Enigmata 2

59135 health, energy, lots of shield + lots of money.
MapleStory - Knights Of Cygnus Hacked

MapleStory - Knights Of Cygnus

Infinite Shield. Throw daggers and cast spells to keep the skeleton monsters at bay for as long as possible.
Gunfire Echoes Hacked

Gunfire Echoes

More health, more shield regen, instant rage, levelcap raised to 30 and instant level up. Gunfire Echoes is a shooter wi
Momentum Missile Mayhem 4 Hacked

Momentum Missile Mayhem 4

Damage, Shield, Energy, upgrade points and Enemy Damage.
Castle Quest Hacked

Castle Quest

Health,shield health,experience/talent points,a little more damage hack Note:DO NOT upgrade health as it will reset the
Cube Colossus Hacked

Cube Colossus

Shield - Energy - Gold - All Weapons Unlocked - All Upgrades Available - All Ammunition Unlocked - All Levels Unlocked.
Curse Village Hacked

Curse Village

1.Unlimited Points 2.Unlimited Ammo 3.Unlimited Shield
Mardek Chapter 2 Hacked

Mardek Chapter 2

Exp x100, everythings value is 1, 100% drop rate (except the Trilobite Key II), all skills require 1 AP. Mardek starts w
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