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Strike Force Heros 2 Hacked Games

Hacked Games offers many strike force heros 2 hacks cheats and prehacks! The games are always hacked with the best cheats. Check out our full collections of prehacks!

Strike Force Heroes Hacked

Strike Force Heroes

You are level 50. Lots of cash. All campaigns unlocked. You possess some very important information. You should escape t
Disaster Will Strike Hacked

Disaster Will Strike

All levels unlocked. Prepare to cause absolute destruction as you create natural disasters to destroy all the eggs in ea
Disaster Will Strike 2 Hacked

Disaster Will Strike 2

All levels unlocked. The eggs are in danger because at anytime disaster will strike...again! Use the natural disasters t
Bots Strike Hacked

Bots Strike

Buying gives cash.Bots Strike is a cool shooting game, in which you are in charge of an army of robots. Use their variou
Anti Meow Force Hacked

Anti Meow Force

Upgrades are free.Help prof X to bring fish population back to normal. Eliminate all kitties !
Hunger Strike Hacked

Hunger Strike

More money and lives - All towers unlocked. Hunger Strike is a tower defence game where you have to buy, place and upgra
Ultimate Cannon Strike 2 Hacked

Ultimate Cannon Strike 2

All upgrades Free and Infinite Ammo! Fire your tank at the structures, other tanks, and troopers. Try to remove the nece
Midnight Strike Hacked

Midnight Strike

All weapons have inf ammo - All weapons are Rapid Fire - and Invincibility. Your a special agent and this is the ultimat
Flash Strike Hacked

Flash Strike

99999 Ammo for every guns, 99999 Flashbangs, 99999 Health
Elite Forces Jungle Strike Hacked

Elite Forces Jungle Strike

All players invincible, all weapons have unlimited ammo and clip size, damage, range and accuracy increased
Commando Strike Hacked

Commando Strike

Health, Ammo, Money, Mines, Grenades
Mardek Chapter 2 Hacked

Mardek Chapter 2

Exp x100, everythings value is 1, 100% drop rate (except the Trilobite Key II), all skills require 1 AP. Mardek starts w
Battle Gear Hacked

Battle Gear

All units are free and lots of Exp. Super units have more health, speed and damage. The deadly strike has 900000 for in
Hands of War TD Hacked

Hands of War TD

Building and upgrading is free.Can you defend your nation against an invading force and unite the seven factions once ag
Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest! Hacked

Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!

You dont loose health or lives. Turn on your sound, and prepare to control the most powerful and intimidating force in t
Fruits Hacked


All levels unlocked. You have to make salad out of a bunch of surly (but tasty!) fruit baddies by making them collide wi
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