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Tesla Defence Hacked

Tesla Defence

Like the game (press the facebook like button) to get a lot of cash. Nikola Tesla has harnessed the power of his death r
Kitchen Defence Hacked

Kitchen Defence

Reset data to unlock levels.Kill flies with cherries and spiders by interacting with the environment in this simple, but
Desolate Defence Hacked

Desolate Defence

Recources, Prices, Name of Towers
Last Defence Hacked

Last Defence

Lots of Money,Fortress HP,and Ammo for all weapons - Purchases add money instead of subtracting . Another castle defense
Random Defence Hacked

Random Defence

money, lives
Super Defence Hacked

Super Defence

Free upgrades. War has begun in Space. Enemy ships attacked the Space Station, It is extremely hard job to protect the S
Shape Defence Hacked

Shape Defence

999999 Gold + 999999 Health
3 Little Pigs: Home Defence Hacked

3 Little Pigs: Home Defence

Money, Lives, Everything costs 1.
Box Dude Tower Defence Hacked

Box Dude Tower Defence

Building adds cash. Use your best tower defense strategy and set up your defenses strategically along your map. You nee
Demonic Defence 4 Hacked

Demonic Defence 4

Money, Health and Point Hack
Zombie Tower Defence Hacked

Zombie Tower Defence

Building gives cash. You need to build towers to protect and defend your base from the zombie hordes that are coming for
Tower Defence Generals Hacked

Tower Defence Generals

Life, gold and mana hack
Defence of the portal Hacked

Defence of the portal

Weapons are free.Defend your portal against a variety of monsters coming towards it. Fire your guns, buy upgrades and av
Super Mario Defence Hacked

Super Mario Defence

Infinite money and infinite health
Last Flower Defence Hacked

Last Flower Defence

Cash. A post-nuclear tower defense game in a world where there is only one last flower left.. You must protect it no mat
ArmorGames Defence Hacked

ArmorGames Defence

Money Hack
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