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Hacked Games offers many adventure time jumping finn hacks cheats and prehacks! The games are always hacked with the best cheats. Check out our full collections of prehacks!

Vampire Scent Hacked

Vampire Scent

Gold Hack, EXP Hack. Your goal in this RPG adventure in a world full of monsters and other creatures is to defeat the bo
Tiny Transporter Hacked

Tiny Transporter

Time hack (3x) . Winter is approaching fast and the ants have came up with a faster way to transport their tiny goods fr
Loco Roco 2 Hacked

Loco Roco 2

Use Spacebar To Jump. 20 minutes time.Tilt the world to the blob and control the jump angle. Match blob color the flower
Sky Cab Hacked

Sky Cab

Infinite energy and health. Upgrades very cheap and lots of time.Become a crazy taxi driver piloting your hover-cab thro
9 Dragons Hexa Hacked

9 Dragons Hexa

Lots of Time and Hint Hack
Ticket Hacked


All levels unlocked.Will you and your dog reach the plane in time?
Viktor the nth Hacked

Viktor the nth

A lot more time. Explore the land beyond the mountains in search of the evergreen fields and succeed where your ancestor
Micro Trux Hacked

Micro Trux

All Bodies, Wheels, Speed Boost, and difficulties unlocked and owned - More Time - Only need to play one level to unlock
Space is Key Hell Hacked

Space is Key Hell

You are invincible.Space is Key has returned and this time you will have to go through Space is Key Hell!
Paint Over Hacked

Paint Over

All levels unlocked.Collect all the keys and reach the exit in each level. Be careful though, you cannot land on any pla
Light People On Fire Hacked

Light People On Fire

Added More Time
Jump over danger Hacked

Jump over danger

You can jump in air.Jump over dangers, jump over spikes, traps, enemies and whatever you do, do not stop jumping.
Chu Rescue 2 Hacked

Chu Rescue 2

Levles unlocked.Uh oh! Chu is trapped in the ice again. Now the danger is even bigger than in the first episode, so will
Bush Rampage Hacked

Bush Rampage

everything to max at game start, more points, more time, a lot of money, more points at shooting tanks, people, and jeep
Zombie Outbreak Beta Hacked

Zombie Outbreak Beta

Infinite Health, more stamina, more ammo and cartridges for all weapons, more chainsaw fuel and chainsaw blood enabled,
Little Red Riding Hood Hacked

Little Red Riding Hood

All levels unlocked.This is a twist of the classic story of The Little Red Riding Hood. This time she will face new dang
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