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The Primitive Hacked

The Primitive

Lives hack. Everything in the shop is free apart from the health. Lots of bullets to start the game with.
Bush Rampage Hacked

Bush Rampage

everything to max at game start, more points, more time, a lot of money, more points at shooting tanks, people, and jeep
PixEvo Hacked


Goals for each level reduced. PixEvo is a retro-styled platformer game where you explore the game world and collect pixe
Hide Caesar 2 Hacked

Hide Caesar 2

All levels unlocked.This is an addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game. Use the provided objects to cover th
Flock Together Hacked

Flock Together

Buying stuff gives you money - NOTE: After you reach 100 feet and win the game it will just lock up and stay a white scr
Mole Vs. Lava Hacked

Mole Vs. Lava

Lots of money. Your goal in this fun game is to jump as high as you can while unlocking power-ups and special platforms.
Anbot Hacked


Clicks hack . Help Anbot escape the factory in this action packed point and click game!
Soul Redeemer Hacked

Soul Redeemer

Health,2 kills needed for Full Rage,Start with double-Luck and all Weapons/Upgrades Free. Soul Redeemer is an action gam
Epic Adventure Time Hacked

Epic Adventure Time

A lot of health and energy.This is a classical platformer game. You need to reach the end of the level jumping between p
Book of Mages 2: The Dark Times Hacked

Book of Mages 2: The Dark Times

Press 1 for skillpoints - 2 to increase health - 3 to increase mana - 4 full special - 5 full health - 6 full mana - 7 i
Bad Taste of Pico Hacked

Bad Taste of Pico

Invulnerability against enemies. People usually make movies to celebrate Pico day, but Pico was originally a video game
Cubium Hacked


All levels unlocked.Physics based game. Destroy constructions in each level using the tools from the menu.
Fully Armored Hacked

Fully Armored

Infinite health and ammo. Items in shop are free. Based on the classic arcade arkanoid this game also lets you attack th
Naval Fighter Hacked

Naval Fighter

Infinite Health - No Gun Overheat - Torpedo Fire Rate Increased - All Planes Speed, Armor, and Fire Power Maxed !
Zombie Mice Annihilation Hacked

Zombie Mice Annihilation

Lives,money pickups give you big amount of money, unlimited ammo and grenades. Join Doctor Evilcat in the great shooting
Ambia Hacked


You are invincible.Guide the red guy through the screens of the platform skill game Ambia using your arrow keys and shoo
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