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Hacked Games offers many knight elite orc assault hacks cheats and prehacks! The games are always hacked with the best cheats. Check out our full collections of prehacks!

Army Assault Hacked

Army Assault

Infinite Wall-Health and money added. One of your scientists has made a breakthrough discovery in weapon development. Ho
Undead Assault Hacked

Undead Assault

999 Billion life, Exp, all items cost 1
Elite Tanks Hacked

Elite Tanks

Lots of ammo and lives.Control the tank and defend the artifact. For each destroyed enemy unit you get money. Use them t
Sleepless Knight 2 Hacked

Sleepless Knight 2

All upgrades and lots of health.
Pixel Knight Hacked

Pixel Knight

10,000 Health instead of 4. Your goal in this fun platform survival game is to defend your kingdom against the evil hord
FlashTrek Assault Hacked

FlashTrek Assault

Money Hack
Elite Tanks 2 Hacked

Elite Tanks 2

Infinite lives. A lot of ammo.Clear areas from the enemy intruders. Get money for each destroyed enemy unit. Upgrade you
Castle Tales Hacked

Castle Tales

All levels unlocked.The Knight, his Lady, and assorted royalty need to get back to the castle. They roll, but need your
Lancelost Hacked


You have free stuff. Play as the brave knight Lancelost. Travel the land as you save mages and harness new powers that w
Coast Guard Hacked

Coast Guard

Specials are free. Shoot down attacking blimps with your coastguard boat. Upgrade your boat after each assault and call
Paper Tales Hacked

Paper Tales

Drawing adds ink. Guide your paper knight through the Paper Tales in this not so easy to handle but creative mix of jump
Neverending Chevalier Hacked

Neverending Chevalier

Infinite lives.Neverending Chevalier puts you in the shoes of a brave knight and his trusty steed. Reach the top of the
Sharp Storm Hacked

Sharp Storm

All missions unlocked. The assault battallion was ambushed and had lost its squad. Help the last survivor find a way to
Cartoon Hero Hacked

Cartoon Hero

Special points - health. With your elite team of superheros, destroy all the monster and become the cartoon hero.
Sniper Freedom Hacked

Sniper Freedom

Unlimited Hints. You are one of the elite forces snipers . Use your sniper in smart ways to accomplish difficult mission
Raid Mission Hacked

Raid Mission

Everything is free in shop.Guide the elite squad through dangerous missions in which you need to defeat all the scum.
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