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Hacked Games offers many madness project nexus 3 hacks cheats and prehacks! The games are always hacked with the best cheats. Check out our full collections of prehacks!

Stickman Madness 3 Hacked

Stickman Madness 3

Unlimited money(Can be toggled ON/OFF), No reload(ON/OFF), Unlimited HP(ON/OFF), Unlimited ammo(ON/OFF), Unlimited Grena
Highway Madness Hacked

Highway Madness

Higher acceleration, lower mass, and more strength for the Ferrari F430 and $999999999
Gunmaster Jungle Madness Hacked

Gunmaster Jungle Madness

Ammo and health hack
Madness on wheels Hacked

Madness on wheels

Buying gives cash.Make your way down the highway as you maneuver around enemy fire and gun down vehicles.
Mushroom Madness 2 Hacked

Mushroom Madness 2

999999 money each level.
Project MAN Hacked

Project MAN

Infinite life.On a remote planet, two androids detect an unusual signal. In this age of space travel, you must stay on y
Megaman Project X Hacked

Megaman Project X

Unlimited Lives
Mutant Madness Hacked

Mutant Madness

Lives, Invincibility, Money, Increased Experience, Start with full rage, Faster Rage Regeneration, Perk Points and Level
This is Madness Hacked

This is Madness

600 Health, 9999999 Ammo for each gun, Machine Gun inflict more damage, Machine Gun recoil lowered, All Ammo packs give
Project Validus: Survival Hacked

Project Validus: Survival

Health, Ammo, Accuracy and Skill Points Hacks.
Flag staff chapter 2 Hacked

Flag staff chapter 2

Using upgrade points gives more.This is the second chapter of Flagstaff, a fantasy turn-based tactical game.You control
Outlook Hacked


Enemies can not kill you. Sam is a crazy inventor and he needs to collect special stones for his secret project by trave
Dark Soul : Awakening Hacked

Dark Soul : Awakening

When you buy stuff you keep your cash.Fight and escape the madness that is Dark Souls: Path of Awakening. Fight against
Mr Schyzo Hacked

Mr Schyzo

Invincibility,Rage never expires,Money,Boxes and You can shoot while Reloading. A praise to madness, violence and enjoym
Freudian Wars Hacked

Freudian Wars

Sigmund Freud is trapped in a crazy dream. You, as the newest member of the Dream Rebellion have the assignment to help
Scorched Sky 2 Hacked

Scorched Sky 2

Press 5 for health - 6 to turn auto health on/off - 7 for ammo - 8 to turn auto ammo on/off - 9 to unlock all weapons. S
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