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Thousands apply to train at the Tower of Sages. Only a few are ever chosen for training. But all dream to be a Grand Sage. This is the story of one who was chosen. Minhero Tower of Sages is a monster battle RPG that focuses on combat. Players will need to carefully build their team to become a Grand Sage. This game has over 100 minions to collect, each minion has its own talent tree, minions can be tanks, healers, debuffers, or pure damage units. There are 4 unique zones to explore, Plant, Fire, Electric, and Undead. Hard mode offers hours and hours of extra gameplay plus you get to add and combine gems to make your minions even more powerful!

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Madville Hacked


Click the cheat button to increase your money...This is a story of a Hero! When aliens invaded he was the only one to fi
Cat God Vs. Sun King Hacked

Cat God Vs. Sun King

Free upgrades. Prevent the Sun Kings servants from reaching the top of the tower. Use your mouse to release the mighty f
Swarm Defender Hacked

Swarm Defender

You start each level with lots of cash.A throwback to the glory days of old-school Starcraft style tower defense! You co
Protector III Hacked

Protector III

Gold, Lives, Next Level, Tower Range, Tower Dammage, Tower ROF, and an EasterEgg. See Note below. Hack buttons under and
The War : Beginning Hacked

The War : Beginning

Building towers and buying troops gives money.The War is a deep tower defense game with troop deployment and base-buildi
Gunfire Echoes Hacked

Gunfire Echoes

More health, more shield regen, instant rage, levelcap raised to 30 and instant level up. Gunfire Echoes is a shooter wi
ZOM-TV Hacked


Invincibility,Unlimited starting money,All weapons have wider range and Weapons x5 Times Stronger. The government has se
Blockstachio Hacked


Infinite life.Play as bandana-wearing hero and explore a world full of baddies in this Metroidvania-style platformer.
Last Flower Defence Hacked

Last Flower Defence

Cash. A post-nuclear tower defense game in a world where there is only one last flower left.. You must protect it no mat
Gravity Den Hacked

Gravity Den

All levels unlocked.Control the hero by changing gravity around. Find keys and reach the final door !
Beast Warriors Hacked

Beast Warriors

Everything in shop is free.Help your beast hero defend his little island !
Ninja vs Zombies 2 Hacked

Ninja vs Zombies 2

Free stuff in shop.Time for the second round of the battle between the unknown brave hero and bloodthirsty braineaters.
Alien Striker Hacked

Alien Striker

All weapons unlocked. Aliens are taking over the city and the city people need your help. You are Toby, the super hero w
Davey Jones TD Hacked

Davey Jones TD

Building gives cash.Help Davey Jones build his defense tower and prevent all the sea monsters attack in this funny 8 bit
Tyrian: TD Hacked

Tyrian: TD

Tyrian: TD is a deep space tower defence game, featuring graphics from the old arcade classic shoot em up Tyrian. Build
House of dead Ninjas Hacked

House of dead Ninjas

Shurikens and bombs increase instead of decreasing. Unlimited Lives. Become a ninja descending a deadly tower in this ol
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