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Hacked Games offers many raze1 hack hacks cheats and prehacks! The games are always hacked with the best cheats. Check out our full collections of prehacks!

Vampire Scent Hacked

Vampire Scent

Gold Hack, EXP Hack. Your goal in this RPG adventure in a world full of monsters and other creatures is to defeat the bo
Emo Soccer Hacked

Emo Soccer

Upgrade points hack - All clothes unlocked. Try to score in the goal of your opponent by playing shooting the ball towar
Gideon-Fu Hacked


Timer Hack - Lives - Health . A remix of the classic side scrolling, fighting game Kung Fu.
Santa with a Shotgun Hacked

Santa with a Shotgun

Money hack for upgrades. Help santa get his reindeer back , shooting the hell out of the bad guys !
The Farmer Hacked

The Farmer

Money hack
Mecha Martyr Hacked

Mecha Martyr

Health and experience (money) hack Note:1 upgrade available per level
Dragon Slayers Hacked

Dragon Slayers

Health hack, money hack, food hack, and faster pull.
Pico Sim Date Hacked

Pico Sim Date

Money, Health and Stat Points hack
Batman - The Cobblebot Caper Hacked

Batman - The Cobblebot Caper

Lives and Batarangs Hack
Ninja Man Hacked

Ninja Man

Life and Health Hack
Attack of the Furries Hacked

Attack of the Furries

Gold and lives hack
Artificial Junk Hacked

Artificial Junk

Money Hack
Shadow Reign Hacked

Shadow Reign

Speed Hack,Gold hack,Critical rate hack,armor hack and God mode
Tankmen - Incursion Hacked

Tankmen - Incursion

Health Bar and Lives Hack
Hot Shot Sniper Hacked

Hot Shot Sniper

Lives and ammo hack. Shoot the targets with your sniper rifle!
Stunt Pilot Hacked

Stunt Pilot

Lives Hack
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