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Stick Brawl Hacked

Stick Brawl

Health Hack
Hit Stick 6 Hacked

Hit Stick 6

Invincible and unlimited ammo for guns.Great hitman game in which you play the role of a hired assassin.
Stick Run 2 Hacked

Stick Run 2

You can jump in air. Jump and run your way trough a bunch of different worlds. See how far you can go.
Stick Bang Hacked

Stick Bang

Lots of money and no weapons reload
Thing Thing Arena 2 Hacked

Thing Thing Arena 2

Infinite Health and Ammo for all weapons on all game modes! NO PRACTICE ...
Metal Arena 3 Hacked

Metal Arena 3

Money, enemies gives you health, all levels unlocked.Get ready with your new tank and buy really powerful parts for it!!
Stick Master Hacked

Stick Master

Invincibility (Do not upgrade Health!) - Energy - Special Charge - Infinite Coins,Bombs and Stars. Run jump and kill the
Gunball Arena Hacked

Gunball Arena

All Weapons/Upgrades/Slots Free and enemies give you health. Load up your gumball with weapons and smash the others in t
Rage Arena Hacked

Rage Arena

Cash - 1 kill to level up - Unlimited rage after killing an enemy. Gear up, release your rage and fight for your life!
Botwars Arena Hacked

Botwars Arena

Lots of Money,Invincibility and Mana. Make it through as continuous wave of robots attacks you. Upgrade your equipment a
Sinjid Battle Arena  Hacked

Sinjid Battle Arena

Speed Hack (DO NOT SAVE) ,Money and EXP Points after the first battle.
Stick Defense Hacked

Stick Defense

S. M. O Arena Fighter Hacked

S. M. O Arena Fighter

Increased clip size More money(finish 1 round of gauntlet)
Cube Tank Arena Hacked

Cube Tank Arena

Invincible. Drive your cube tank and go around the battle arena. Shoot the enemy tanks and collect the gems that they wi
Talesworth Arena: Death Watch Hacked

Talesworth Arena: Death Watch

Enemy attacks do 0 damage, Money Hack, Cooldown Time Removed and Casting Time Removed
Bot Arena 2 Hacked

Bot Arena 2

Tons of money and weight hack
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