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Hide Caesar player pack 2 Hacked

Hide Caesar player pack 2

All levels available.Drop items on the stage so that the Caesar coin remains untouched by the pebbles that are poured ov
Cube Tank Arena Hacked

Cube Tank Arena

Invincible. Drive your cube tank and go around the battle arena. Shoot the enemy tanks and collect the gems that they wi
Moon Police Hacked

Moon Police

Hack: Everything is unlocked in this game hack. You are in charge of keeping the moon safe and delivering top secret sup
Foyle Hacked


999999999 Wall Health, 999999999 Ammo for two guns, enemies drop more cash, everything costs 0 hours, 999999999 Grenades
Panzer Troopers Hacked

Panzer Troopers

Most enemies give you health. Weapon pickups give you lots of ammo. NO MERCY! The spiders have invaded and only you and
Summon the Hero Hacked

Summon the Hero

Infinite gold.Select one of three heroes to lead warriors, archers, wizards, and shamans through 18 battles and 4 power
Dead Hungry Hacked

Dead Hungry

All levels unlocked.Drop zombie heads and feed them, what else, brainsss.
Tree Fender Hacked

Tree Fender

Enemies drop way more XP. Defend the Sacred Trees from hordes of Mad Golems!
Helly Yeah Hacked

Helly Yeah

Infinite Bombs - Infinite Health. Carefully guide your heli as you avoid hitting walls. Drop bombs on structures and ene
Tree of life Hacked

Tree of life

Complete first level to unlock all levels.Drag and drop arrows to guide the blob safely through all the mazes!
Mardek Chapter 2 Hacked

Mardek Chapter 2

Exp x100, everythings value is 1, 100% drop rate (except the Trilobite Key II), all skills require 1 AP. Mardek starts w
Pointless Dropping Hacked

Pointless Dropping

All levels unlocked. Remove the blue shapes to drop the red ones. Do not drop the green shapes!
Rock Transporter Hacked

Rock Transporter

Only 1 Rock needed for each level - Rocks are valued at 25,000 each - 25 rocks will come off the conveyor each level. Ro
Drone Hacked


Levels unlocked.Use your mouse-driven, flying Drone to grab and drop blocks and move them to the marked area to solve le
Hungry Shapes 2 Hacked

Hungry Shapes 2

Unlocked all levels. The shapes are hungry . Feed them , but dont drop any of them in the void while doing it.
Graveyard of Dunken Souls Hacked

Graveyard of Dunken Souls

Rapid crate drop(shifty crates), unlimited weapon time, (unless you pick up another crate) and unlimited timer(endless g
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