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Royal Warfare Hacked

Royal Warfare

Lots of money.A real time squad defence game with swords, archery and magic.
Project MAN Hacked

Project MAN

Infinite life.On a remote planet, two androids detect an unusual signal. In this...
Time Swap Hacked

Time Swap

You can jump in air.You have been replaced in your life and work by your evil al...
Woodwork Builder Hacked

Woodwork Builder

Reset game to unlock all levels.You must help this builder to do his everyday wo...
Squid Skid Hacked

Squid Skid

All levels unlocked.Slide boxes across the boat to rescue your squid brother in ...
Run Viking Run Hacked

Run Viking Run

Everything is free in shop.Run from the dragon while you collect all the gold.
Moonhex Hacked


Starting a new games unlocks all levels (past days). Help this brave warrior to ...
Battle of Heroes Hacked

Battle of Heroes

Gold is being generated extremely fast.March your troops as the great general of...
Juggernaut 2 : Uprising Hacked

Juggernaut 2 : Uprising

Buying gives cash.Help little hero Aura to complete various quests in Juggernaut...
Bigotilyo Hacked


Infinite lives.Help Bigotilyo save his love from the enemy mustaches. Each level...
Knight slider Hacked

Knight slider

All levels unlocked.Use your mouse to slide the pieces around to help the knight...
My friend pedro Hacked

My friend pedro

Infinite ammo.An action packed slow motion face-blasting-simulator about friends...
Lunar strain Hacked

Lunar strain

Large rocks dont kill you (tiny pieces still do). Destroy asteroids wreck havoc ...
Botiada Hacked


All levels unlocked. Move and unite all Bots to finish the level.
Duck tub battle Hacked

Duck tub battle

All upgrades are free.Help the brave ducks to defeat the waves of arriving enemi...
Monster Brawl Hacked

Monster Brawl

Buying troops adds cash.Create & Battle an army of monsters!
The lord of the tower Hacked

The lord of the tower

Lots of gold.Once upon a time, there was a small and peacefull kingdom called Uk...
Tinysasters 2 Hacked

Tinysasters 2

A lot more time untill disasters strike.Can you develop a thriving civilization ...
Rezer Hacked


All levels unlocked.Your village is in danger! Thousands of zombies want to dest...
SUV Driver max Hacked

SUV Driver max

All levels unlocked.Overcome difficult terrains, and compete in intense races a...
HQ Guardians Hacked

HQ Guardians

Lots of money.A gorgeous defense-strategy game with smart AI.
Panduke Got High Hacked

Panduke Got High

All levels unlocked.Help the Panda to fly into the air by removing objects.
Glitch lab Hacked

Glitch lab

All levels available.Exploit the bug in each level to pass. Have fun!
Sapper Hacked


All levels unlocked.The city has been undermined by evil terrorists. You are a p...
20 Waves  Hacked

20 Waves

You collect a lot more resources.The local inhabitants have taken a dislike to y...
Quantum Patrol 2 Hacked

Quantum Patrol 2

Upgrades and weapons are free. Control a bot to infiltrate and hack enemy operat...
Purrmagedon Hacked


All levels available. Help the kitty to blast enemies, helicopters, and airships...
Hidden crystals of deep earth Hacked

Hidden crystals of deep earth

All levels unlocked.This is Jack. Jack is a miner and is searching for rare crys...
Up in the Sky Hacked

Up in the Sky

You earn lots of cash each round.Launch yourself into the sky and reach the beau...
Drawfender Level Pack Hacked

Drawfender Level Pack

Levels opened.The old enemies of a famous philanthropist are released from priso...
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