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Blood Bath Avenue 2 Hacked

Blood Bath Avenue 2

Skills are free.Reach the bunker safely, while fighting off hordes of zombies. P...
Defence of the portal Hacked

Defence of the portal

Weapons are free.Defend your portal against a variety of monsters coming towards...
Dig to China Hacked

Dig to China

Everything in shop is free.Dig billions of blocks on your way to China. Collect ...
O-shaped Ninjas Hacked

O-shaped Ninjas

Infinite cuts.Avenge your ninja clan by literally slashing thru enemies.
Vehicles 3 : Car Toons Hacked

Vehicles 3 : Car Toons

All levels open.Your objective is to start and stop engines of several rescue ca...
Paint Over Hacked

Paint Over

All levels unlocked.Collect all the keys and reach the exit in each level. Be ca...
Cat on a Dolphin Hacked

Cat on a Dolphin

Infinite air.Help the poor kitty make its way across the water by riding a dolph...
Jake Renegade Freedom Flight Hacked

Jake Renegade Freedom Flight

All story mode levels unlocked. Help Jake escape from San Francisco in this fast...
Level Editor 3 Hacked

Level Editor 3

Levels unlocked.The fun platform puzzle game is back and it is up to you to rede...
Nunchuck Charlie Hacked

Nunchuck Charlie

Enemies cannot hit you.After enjoying your Nunchuck-Charlie-Super-Secret-Awesome...
Planet Adventure Hacked

Planet Adventure

All levels unlocked.Discover the amazing world of Planet adventure! In this epic...
Doors 2 Dave's New Job  Hacked

Doors 2 Dave's New Job

All levels available.Dave arrives at his first day at a new job, but his co-work...
Piggy in the Puddle Hacked

Piggy in the Puddle

All levels unlocked.The pigs adore wallowing in the dirty puddles. And, of cours...
Rescuenator Hacked


Levels unlocked.Do you have the skill to rescue all the innocent people? Interac...
Loot Heroes Hacked

Loot Heroes

Unlimited stat points.Make your way though the dungeons of hell, slashing throug...
Colony Defenders TD 2 Hacked

Colony Defenders TD 2

Building and upgrading gives cash.Defend and build up your colony! Constant wave...
Black Bit Ninja Hacked

Black Bit Ninja

All levels available.This brave guy decided to become a true ninja. First he mus...
Koan Hacked


You collect resources easier.Why hurry? Stop and meditate a while. In this flawe...
Solandia Uprising Hacked

Solandia Uprising

General upgrades are free.Free the whole kingdom Solandia from the tyrannical ru...
Artillerize Hacked


Reset data to unlock all levels.Defend your base from the alien ships using guns...
Super Sneak Hacked

Super Sneak

All levels unlocked.Help this guy rob banks, stores, and armored cars while avoi...
A Ghostly Journey Hacked

A Ghostly Journey

Light does not harm you anymore.Set out on a Ghostly Journey through a pixelated...
Shybot Hacked


You are invincible.This robot has decided to run away from his home planet and e...
Keep An Eye Hacked

Keep An Eye

All levels unlocked.You are in the eye delivery service. Use the help of little ...
Droids Steal For Me Hacked

Droids Steal For Me

All levels unlocked.This burglar is very careful. Every time he is going to rob ...
Samurai Rebellion Hacked

Samurai Rebellion

Troops are cheaper. Lead your fierce samurai forces into open rebellion and conq...
Where's Derpy 3 Hacked

Where's Derpy 3

All levels unlocked.Help derpy find all the muffins !
Dark Hacked


All chapters unlocked.Dark is a platformer / story game about a man who awakes i...
Meowra Hacked


Upgrades are free.Fight to free the cat in this match 3 puzzle fighting game. Ma...
Harmony of Elements Hacked

Harmony of Elements

All levels unlocked.Puzzle platformer about Fire, Wind and Earth elementals who ...
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